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Stephen Harper’s at the wheel. Tasha Kheirridin rides shotgun. Fear’s in the backseat.

Tasha Kheirridin is a frightened woman. She is terrified of walking outside her door. Perhaps that’s why she wants a man around to protect her from the inconveniences of life, the petty criminals and especially the big bad Muslim men with the big black beards (emphasis mine).

Personally, I’d like to see some more law and order in this country. I’d like to have seen the police take a real stand against the hockey rioters in Vancouver. I’d like to see cyclists get more than a ticket when they mow down elderly pedestrians on the sidewalk. I’d like to see people who defend themselves against criminals not have to defend their own actions in court — while their assailants get a mere slap on the wrist. And I’d like to see terrorists locked up, preferably before they take out legions of innocent people. Apparently I am not alone, since the federal Tories’ platform went over well with a public tired of feeling helpless in the face of random acts of violent crime.

Forget that violent crime has greatly diminished in Canada over the last decade. Forget we’ve never had a 9/11. And don’t even think about the less than 40% of the country who voted for the ‘Tories’. Those are just facts.

Fear trumps rationality . Kheirridin wants a Canada something more like south of the border, where an inordiante percentage of the country is behind bars. Where law and order rules with an iron fist and personal freedoms are the work of the devil.

What Tasha wants is a pipe-smoking, clean-shaven, cardigan-wearing daddy to put his proverbial arms around her, protect her from the hooligans outside her door, soothe her fears and take her to that promised land.

That man is Stephen Harper .

You see for all the bawling from conservatives like Kheirridin about a ‘Nanny State’, they want something far more insidious. They want a male-dominated, strong-armed daddy figure to take care of them. You know to protect them from deranged cyclists, potheads and drunken youths.

And Muslims.

But while terrorism is random, its perpetrators are generally predictable. While, as Mr. Harper correctly pointed out, there are cases such as the gruesome slaughter in Norway, launched by a deranged individual*, the greatest terror threat today remains Islamicism**.

*Note how the crafty Ms. Kheirridin paints Mr. Breivik as a ‘deranged individual’, conveniently omitting that he is a raging Christian conservative terrorist whose role models included the likes of conservative hero, Canadian Mark Steyn.

**Funny how National Post writers so quickly adopt terminology – “ Islamicism ” – dictated by the Conservative party. I guess originality is the byproduct of an independent mind, something surely to be feared in a ‘tough on crime’ collective.

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2 comments to Stephen Harper’s at the wheel. Tasha Kheirridin rides shotgun. Fear’s in the backseat.

  • ck

    good Gawd! Tash has certainly swallowed the kool-aid, hasn’t she?

    Yes, ol’ Stevie has seen to it that the masses believe that Canada is a dangerous place and Canadians are bad people. I wonder what she’d say if or when ol’ Toews or Nicholson make breathing illegal?

  • Jymn

    This reminds me of how Christie Blatchford came flying out of the turnstiles on the day Layton died to decry the amount of attention his death was getting. Then the Kays joined in on consecutive days.

    It’s what the National Post is good at. It jumps on the best meme to further a Con cause, complete with dog whistles and exact verbiage used by the party. What surprises me is how fast these people operate. it’s breathtaking. It’s also a joke. It’s certainly not journalism.