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Ol’ Tommy Flanagan Appears to Be ‘With the Child Pornographers’ Go Tell ol’ Vic Now

Wow! Now boys ‘n’ girls, let’s go #tellviceverything about his boss’s former mentor, ol’ Tommy Flanagan. Yes, Vic, you wanna know someone who seems to be ”with the child pornographers”, you don’t have to look too far, it would appear.

Ol’ Tommy may not be part of the Harpercons anymore, but he was Stevie’s former mentor, so Stevie, you gotta wear it, now!   Is it so far fetched? After all look at the winners Stevie appointed. Some very close to him too.  Tough on crime is obviously not applicable to Harpercons and their cheerleaders.

H/T @Nevineb

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long before CBC’s Power and Politics to dump him. Hell, even the wingnutty Wildrose Party has dumped him.  Stevie’s flunkies, are naturally indignant right on cue.

I made the mistake of checking some of those comments. I am now truly embarrassed to be a Canadian after reading that  comment especially by MTl reader.  I won’t link to it.

4 comments to Ol’ Tommy Flanagan Appears to Be ‘With the Child Pornographers’ Go Tell ol’ Vic Now

  • Owen Gray

    These days, when a Harper acolyte — or former Harper acolyte — opens his or her mouth, he or she manages to look and sound crazy.

  • steve

    What happened to Jymn?

  • kootcoot

    Jymn apparently grew despondent regarding the state of the world and the effectiveness of bothering to give a shit. I can definitely empathize because I find myself tending that way as well……..especially since I lost the daily encouragement of my mentor BC Mary!

    steve Reply:

    It would make a great hollywood movie, Jymn’ blog shook me out of my apathy and I started my own blog. Through this blog all the secrects of the Vancouver Club where revealed, big time Dick was arrested, Jeff Gukert and the Supersoldier went on tour and I was awarded the Noble Peace prize. Based upon a true story.

    Maybe the combined cognitive dissonance of the Senate and Tom Flanagan will wake Canadians from their Zombie slumbers.