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“Wow!” Trudeau TKO’s testosterone out of Sun News talking heads

I didn’t see the fight. My cable co. doesn’t carry Sun News. But I watched the tweets. And marvelled at Justin Trudeau winning in enemy territory.

From what I gather the broadcast was 40% climate change denial, 40% CBC dissing and 20% fight. Brian Lilley and Ezra Levant made themselves more the fools than at any other time in their lives.

See that photo above? This is the essence of the Liberal party from this point forward.

Justin Trudeau, whose sexuality Levant had been questioning all night long, beat the shit out of the Conservatives, Sun News talking assholes and the great majority of the media.

Well done, Justin.

Don Martin would be proud.

UPDATE: Holy fuck. These guys actually fought. It didn’t really hit me until I saw this youtube video of the first round. This was real . (En Francais.)

Will post more rounds as they become available.

UPDATE II: Gracious tweet from the loser.


UPDATE ADDENDUM: Round 3. Listen to the French announcer at 1:16. “Wow!”

Wow indeed.

UPDATE SOME MORE: The entire bout in better quality.

4 comments to “Wow!” Trudeau TKO’s testosterone out of Sun News talking heads

  • Kim

    Lol, I am prod of Justin, and I’m not even a Liberal!

    I can’t help but roll on the floor laughing at the image of Levant the savant questioning the sexuality of Trudeau.

    Isn’t there a poll for that? LMAO!

    ck Reply:

    Perhaps Ezzy was looking for a date. Awww! Poor Brian Lilley!

  • Jymn

    I have a feeling this will be a bigger symbol far in the future than it is now. Historic in a non-pugilistic way. It’s a first. The result was unanticipated. Tonnes of intrigue. Total collapse of the credibility of a network and the Conservative tough-guy pose. Brazeau wasn’t the only loser tonight.

    ck Reply:

    Oh, I didn’t really have a problem with Senator Brazeau. I kinda feel sorry for him, having to cut all that hair! As a long haired person myself, I would be kicking and screaming at the sight of scissors. To be honest, we should congratulate Brazeau as well as Justin Trudeau for going into the ring and boxing each other in public and on TV. After all, we mustn’t forget that they did this for a good cause–to raise funds for cancer. There are not many politicians willing to risk their dignity and/or injury for charity or any other publicity stunt.

    On the other hand, perhaps we shouldn’t pity Brazeau too much. After all, he does have another 38 years of employment security with 6-figure salary and perks that most Canadians won’t ever see in their life times.

    I’d have to agree with many–Sun TV News/Fox News North were the biggest losers. Brian Lilley & Ezzy Levant had proven to be the ringside clowns in their matching tuxedoes. They turned a charitable event which was supposed to focus on the participants–Brazeau & Trudeau and turned the spotlight on themselves. How narcissistic! They simply turned into a Con hatefest of propoganda–slamming Earth Day, whining about “big gov’t” and the “nanny state”, etc.