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I Really Don’t Have Much More To Add

I have to admit, I was on the fence about leaving Prog Blogs for awhile.  While I was (still am) disgusted with the mods’ attitude towards womens’  fundamental rights,  I wasn’t sure that leaving Prog Blogs was the way to go. Oh not because of site traffic, because quite frankly, most of my site traffic comes from search engines and other bloggers’ blogrolls, as well as Twitter and Facebook.   Also, while Sister Sage’s Musings is my site and I do pay the bills, I do have contributors who put their names to their posts here. I felt it was only fair to consult them.  Logan was the last one I was waiting to hear from and I believe he made his views loud and clear in his last post .  He was eloquent enough. I really don’t have much more to add to that.

Sorry Scott, if you want to call your aggregator “progressive”,  it should live up to that term. If it were called “Canadian Bloggers”,  that would be a different ball game, but being known as “progressive bloggers”,  the parameters should be more narrow.  One of those items would be women’s reproductive rights.   Sorry, defending so-called “limited pro-choice” just doesn’t cut it–it’s as absurd as saying one is sorta pregnant, either you are or you’re not. Same goes for women’s reproductive rights.

We’ll still be around though. Just not from Prog Bloggers.

5 comments to I Really Don’t Have Much More To Add

  • fern hill

    Hey, CK. Yes. Eventually, enough is enough.

  • Scott Tribe

    Advocating censorship is about a anti-progressive as one can get. Quite frankly.. I don’t mind losing folks who want us to ban everyone who doesnt agree with their absolutist pov on issues.

    Orwell's Bastard Reply:

    That’s a load of crap Scott. So anyone who doesn’t want to concede on women’s sexual and reproductive autonomy is an “absolutist” now? Should we have a calm and rational debate about whether slavery is OK now, or is everyone who won’t even consider it an “absolutist?” If you and the remaining Regressive Bloggers are really progressive, then the word doesn’t mean anything any more.

    Nobody’s calling for censorship, so your continued misrepresentation and misdirection is just a futile attempt to reframe the discussion. Warren must be so proud of you.

  • Toe

    Hey Scott did you sign the petition? /5573a249a2538eeb66a0fa93963f2e34/petitions/oppose-motion-312-rejetez-motion-312.html

    Or are Blue Dog Liberals more interested in gaining the WK’s of the world then losing out on good feminist principled bloggers?

    Bina Reply:

    Well, I think Scott’s made it clear where he stands. He’d rather have disingenuous hacks like Kinsella than real, HONEST progressives who know their asses from a hole in the ground.

    HIS loss.