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my shortlist for the Order of BC Award

Here’s some folks just off the top of my head who merit the Order of BC Award .  Ironically, the award was invented on Bill VanderZalm’s watch, given that Gordon Campbell and several of his political operatives have been approved for this award.  I think it’s a NeoLiberal thumb of the nose middle finger salute to the Zalm, who so recently spearheaded the campaign to defeat thier HST.
Alexandra Morton , Marine Biologist.  When she decided to raise her kids on North Vancouver Island, she had no idea that she would come to spearhead the campaign to save our precious wild coastal species.  Yet that’s exactly what has happened.  Thank you Alexandra, for putting our beautiful ecosystem ahead of your own health, wealth and pursuit of happiness.  You have earned our undying respect and gratitude.
Betty Krawczyk , for her unflagging activism in the environmental field, notabley, Eagle Ridge Bluffs.  She has proven willing to give up her freedom for the cause she believes in.  Her blog covers a wide range of social issues every Grandmother would care passionately about.
Chrystal Dunahee needs no introduction. She has rightfully been nominated for her work in missing children after we all shared her personal experience with that horrific issue.
Dave Barrett, for his long term vision which has benefitted all British Columbians through the Hansard broadcast, the Agricultural Land Reserve and love ‘em or hate ‘em, ICBC.
Jody Paterson ,  of the Times Colonist for her fearless and persistant advocacy of sex trade workers and marginalized members of society.  Thank you Jody, you are another British Columbian who makes us all a little closer to the empathetic society we want to be.
Rafe Mair who has had more careers then you could shake a stick at, continues to add his voice for a better BC for us all.
Laila Yuile investigative journalist and single mother who has so much influence in BC that the ProMedia pundits follow her and refer to her work frequently, even if they don’t give her credit.
BC Mary started a website called the Legislature Raids, the go to source of information on corruption in BC.  She continues her work to this day.  A patriot of our province.
Dirk Becker , a farmer from Lantzville, who ran into trouble with the local bylaws for growing organic crops on his rural property.  His fight for sustainable living and property rights continues…
Harvey Oberfeld , the retired journalist who just can’t retire, especially given the crap that the corporate media choose to print!  Thank you HO for doing your job for free, just to teach the journo’s how it’s done!
Bill VanderZalm, for inventing this award and for his tireless service to the people of BC during the HST campaign.  Sir, I never voted for you and never liked your politics, until you came out of retirement to redeem yourself with the people of BC.  Well done Sir!
I’m sure every British Columbian who reads this will have additional, inspirational candidates for the honour.  I’d love to hear them.

4 comments to my shortlist for the Order of BC Award

  • JJ

    I would add Cannabian Capitalist and Political Prisoner Marc Emery to this list of BC luminaries.

    Juliette Reply:

    I totally agree with that. He has gone above and beyond for so many, as has Jodi. They should be honoured.

  • Kim

    Cannibian Capitalist? Never heard of them, but I love it! Marc Emery, a political prisoner, for sure he should be recognised!

    Juliette, do you have any nominations to add?

  • RossK

    ‘Tis a fine list Kim.