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The Final Countdown to Treason

Tomorrow is the last day to stop the ratification of Harper’s secret treaty with China.
Elizabeth May (bless her parliamentarian soul) has been active and vocal against this secret, closed door deal.  Signed by Harper in Russia, of all places. Quietly tabled last month with no disclosure, no debate, none of that government advertising they so love to “inform” us with.
I can imagine it now, “Canada’s Action Plan for the Prosperity of China’s Corporate State Owned Elites”.  There would be panda’s, of that I am sure.
Although our esteemed National Press feel that this subject is way too complex for their readers, or too much trouble to inform the public properly, this story has good traction in social media.  Online news aggregators like the Tyee , , and Terrace Daily Frontpage have featured detailed editorials on the subject.
The Calgary Herald has a good article today, by Heather Scoffield.
Laila Yuile and Robin Mathews , along others, have been sounding the alarm. and Council of Canadians …
But you already know about this, if you’ve read this far…
Lets do something.  Together.
Let’s all send an email to the PM, the Opposition, your Premier and Opposition and Cc it to every Conservative MP we can get our hands on.
Let’s shut this thing down, we’re out of time.
STOP FIPPA .  Let the Flooding Begin…
*note, the and council of Canadians links have simplified direct action.  Elizabeth May has a petition as well.

5 comments to The Final Countdown to Treason

  • myna lee johnstone

    i’ve done this twice already but will do again
    many mps have twitter too

  • Kim

    Now is not the time for hesitation.

    Thank you.

  • Kim

    Elizabeth May has already replied to my email…

    “Thank you for your interest in the Canada-China Investment Treaty. Although Stephen Harper prefers to keep Canadians in the dark about this Agreement’s grave implications for our sovereignty, security, and democracy, I am hopeful that we can force the issue into daylight. Your letter proves that you recognize the seriousness and urgency of what is about to take place behind our backs.

    While the Canada-China Investment Treaty will likely be our most significant treaty since NAFTA, Stephen Harper plans to sign it into law as early as November 2nd, 2012, without any public consultation, any consultation with First Nations, any Parliamentary debate, or even a single vote in the House of Commons. I do not accept such blatant disrespect for either the will of Canadians or for our democratic institutions.

    Sadly, in addition to the anti-democratic process to approve this Agreement, it is the actual content of this investment deal with which I am most concerned. For the first time in Canadian history, the Canada-China Investment Treaty will allow investors (including Chinese state-owned enterprises such as CNOOC or Sinopec), to claim damages against the Canadian government in secret, for decisions taken at the municipal, provincial, territorial or federal level that result in a reduction of their expectation of profits. Even decisions of Canadian courts can give rise to damages.

    Realizing what the Conservatives were attempting to do, in secret and without debate, and realizing that we will be bound by this destructive Agreement for up to 31 years once it is ratified, on October 1st, 2012, I made a request in the House of Commons for an Emergency Debate to allow Canada’s democratically elected Members of Parliament to study the implications of the Canada-China Investment Treaty.

    Although my request for an Emergency Debate was regrettably denied, we have not given up and are continuing to pursue all available options to stop the treaty’s approval. Given what is at stake, we hope that you will join us.

    In addition to the tools found on our Canada-China Investment Treaty campaign site at , I urge you to push back against this sell-out of our sovereignty, security, and democracy, and help to educate Canadians by talking to your friends and neighbours, writing letters to the editor in local and national newspapers, calling in to talk radio shows, and filling up the comment boards of news website.

    Crucially, this is not a partisan issue, and it is only by coming together to stand up for Canada that we will succeed in stopping this agreement.


    Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands
    Leader of the Green Party of Canada

  • Kim

    I have also heard from Thomas Mulcair…

    “I am writing you because you have expressed concern about the Canada – China Foreign Investment Agreement (FIPA).

    As you have noted, this deal changes Canada’s long standing policy of ensuring public disclosure and transparency in arbitrations. This deal could have negative effects on the ability of Canadian governments to set policies in the public interest and exposes Canadian taxpayers to expensive litigation and damages. It also fails to achieve full reciprocity for Canadian investors.

    Despite repeated calls for a public debate and study of this agreement, the Conservative Government has refused to expose this deal to any public scrutiny. As the treaty’s terms will be in force for a minimum of 31 years, we believe this is irresponsible.

    That is why the NDP is putting forward another motion at the House of Commons International Trade Committee to conduct a full study on this deal and, importantly, to call on the government to postpone ratification of this agreement until we have heard from a broad cross-section of witnesses.

    We are asking for your help in making this happen. Please write the Conservative members of the International Trade committee and ask them to join the call for postponing ratification and support the motion to study the treaty.

    NDP International Trade Critic Don Davies’ motion will be debated on Thursday, October 25. To read his motion in full and to see other actions the NDP has taken on the FIPA issue, click here:


    Write to the Conservative MP’s who are members of The Standing Committee on International Trade and urge them to support the motion:

    Rob Merrifield [email protected]
    Ron Cannan [email protected]
    Russ Hiebert [email protected]
    Ed Holder [email protected]
    Gerald Keddy [email protected]
    Bev Shipley [email protected]
    Devinder Shory [email protected]

    Again, I appreciate this opportunity to update you on our efforts to ensure that all trade deals are done in the best interests of Canadians.


    Thomas Mulcair, M.P. (Outremont)
    Leader of the Official Opposition
    New Democratic Party of Canada

  • G.J.W.

    Harper’s sell out of Canada to Communist China began, a very long time ago. Remember how frantic and rabid he was, to win the election? He was even begging for a majority. He was scared to death his robo-call cheat, wouldn’t be enough to win. Over half of Canadians did not want Harper as P.M. Harper knew it, so he cheated. Now Harper is having to cheat his way out of, his election cheat frauds. He was terrified, he would lose his majority, he cheated so hard to get. If you get the gist.

    Everyone knows, Campbell works for Harper. He gave BC’s resources to Red China too. Back then. China was already sending their people to school to learn English, to take the BC mining jobs. Campbell shipped BC mills to Communist China, along with BC’s timber. Harper and Campbell signed a, dirty sneak deal behind our backs. Comrade Campbell gave Comrade Harper permission, to force the Enbridge pipeline into BC. Don’t forget. Harper and Campbell did another dirty scam to BC, which was the HST

    Christy was for the Enbridge pipeline, right from day one. Her sham of getting a good deal from Alberta, is just a scam to win votes. Christy already signed her deal, to give the rest of BC to Communist China. Did people miss?? Terry Lake said, the BC Liberals doors will be wide open. for Red China. Noticed, no-one has said squat about, the BC Liberals being traitors either.

    Elizabeth May will certainly get my vote. That is if Canada isn’t Communist. If Harper is a Communist, well, we know how Communists win now, don’t we?

    Elizabeth May was the only one who had the guts, to speak against Harper’s treason. Harper is a Traitor committing High Treason. The other members said, duh, and have done squat. In civilized country’s, Harper would be in prison right this gaddamned minute.